Cutting Property Taxes

Scaglione and Caliguire cut the county property tax rate this year, while still investing in what matters most to Somerset County taxpayers.

  • Fully fund the new Partnership Health Center for county employees.
  • Fully fund 911 for 20 of the county’s 21 municipalities, and full dispatch services for 15 municipalities, 14 police departments, 38 fire departments and 18 EMS stations.
  • Maintain 248 center lane miles of county roads and 752 bridges.
  • Maintain 38 park, recreation and open space areas encompassing 15,000 acres.
  • Provided millions in funding for the Vocational-Technical High School, Raritan Valley Community College, Board of Social Services and Park Commission.

National Model for Fiscal Responsibility

In addition to joining only a handful of other counties nationally to earn a AAA credit ratings for fiscal excellence, Scaglione and Caliguire have been part of the team who has reduced the size of county government by 6% over the last 10 years. In contrast, the State of New Jersey increased spending almost 8% in just one year via their recently passed tax-hike budget.

Securing Our Schools

Scaglione and Caliguire are funding additional armed school resource officer at the county Vocational & Technical High School in Bridgewater and urged every school district in Somerset County to do the same to enhance school security in their communities.

Somerset County Sheriff Frank Provenzano and Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson supported the move, and it came after Scaglione and Caliguire recently met with Vo-Tech Superintendent Dr. Chrys Harttraft to review security protocols intended to safeguard students and faculty at the county-run facility.

Improving Quality of Life

Under the leadership of Freeholders Scaglione and Caliguire, Somerset County has been ranked one of the Top 20 counties to live in the entire country, and Somerset County was rated as one of the healthiest counties in the United States by U.S. News & World Report.

The rankings, compiled in collaboration with the Aetna Foundation, evaluated 3,000 communities across 10 categories to determine the rankings, including population health; equity; education; economy; housing; food and nutrition; environment; public safety; community vitality; and infrastructure.

Combatting Opioid Addiction

Scaglione and Caliguire established Somerset County as one of the few counties in New Jersey using a cooperative approach between its Human Services Department and Prosecutor’s Office to combat the growing abuse of opioid drugs.

Economic Prosperity

Scaglione and Caliguire have enacted economic growth policies that have made Somerset County an attractive place for businesses to locate and jobs to be created. Thanks to their efforts, Somerset County has the third lowest unemployment rate of any county in New Jersey and is proud to have one of the lowest poverty rates for its citizens as well.

Prioritizing Farmland & Open Space Preservation

From their time as locally elected officials through their time on the Freeholder Board, Scaglione and Caliguire have demonstrated a commitment to preserving farmland and open space, as well as creating parks and recreation areas for Somerset County residents. Their efforts have helped to prevent overdevelopment, preserve the character of our county, and protect our air and drinking water.